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Decision for Battisti's extradition can open the door

Brasília, 12/11/09 - If the Supreme Court decides on the extradition of Italian Cesare Battisti to their home country, Brazil will receive more requests for extradition of other refugees. According to the National Committee for Refugees (CONARE), a body chaired by the Ministry of Justice, representatives of various countries, mainly from Latin America, have indicated interest to revoke the refuge of their nationals. Currently live in Brazil 4183 refugees from 76 different countries.

If this happens, the country abuses the rule in the UN convention of 1951, ratified by Brazil, which prevents the extradition of refugees as well as being a precedent for similar actions in other countries.

Currently countries fail to appeal to the Supreme Courts because the law prevents the delivery of refugees and provides that extradition proceedings are filed when there is recognition of the refuge by the Executive.

The chairman of CONARE, Luiz Paulo Barreto, any international system that the shelter structure is based on the stability and legal protection of refugees. "That is why the UN convention and the Brazilian law does not allow the extradition of a refugee. Otherwise, they shall always be subject to prosecution or persecution of the country of origin for the same reasons that led the host country to protect it. It would be the end of the legal and social stability that characterize and support the refuge, "said Barreto.

The trial on the extradition of Cesare Battisti began on September 9. He was interrupted by a request to have the minister Marco Aurélio Mello and will continue on Thursday (12). Battisti was sentenced in Italy to life imprisonment in 1990 for four murders that occurred in the 70's.

The refuge of Battisti was granted by Justice Minister Tarso Genro, in January, in the level of appeal on behalf of the "well-founded fear of persecution" of Battisti in your country

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